Presenting the popular R+L=J theory, yolkboy and Lady Gwyn analyse the evidence, present theories on how it came to pass, and speculate what its significance to the plot might be. We also welcome special guest Ygrain to discuss Jon’s similarities to Lyanna and Rhaegar. Music from Joel Murray, specially arranged readings set to music and more!

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2 responses to “EPISODE 05 – RLJ – A DRAGON, A WOLF AND A ROSE

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  2. Semi-new patreon working though the archives here. I was wondering if anyone has a clear idea of if George R. R. Martin means *rose* roses or the helleborus family of flowers that are called winter roses sometimes. Hellebore is toxic but was used to treat mental illness, notably madness and melancholy, in the Ancient Greek world. Sorry if this has been discussed before.


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