Lady Gwyn and Yolkboy examine Tywin Lannister, including analyses of his history and the A+J=T theory, and special sections on his roles as politician, military leader and father with special guest Ragnorak.  Music from Aziz of History of Westeros, advert from the world of ASoIaF and specially arranged readings round out the episode.

Listen here!


One response to “EPISODE 17 – TYWIN – THE LION OF THE WEST

  1. I don’t like A+J=T theory because is repetitive. Aegon, Jon and Tyrion, all these plots involve possibles secret Targaryens. Just Targaryens can be heroes? Doens’t look like Martin. And also, i like to think that Tywin’s suspicions was paranoia. He hated Tyrion, he hated to know that Tyrion is like himself, he hated Aerys and he obviously knew about his desire to have Joanna, and he probably heard those rumours, so…


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