Lady Gwyn and Yolkboy examine Ser Jorah Mormont, from his background on Bear Island to days of exile and spy, rise to Queensguard for Daenerys Targaryen, second exile and beyond. An advert from the world of ASoIaF and specially arranged readings complete the episode.

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4 responses to “EPISODE 22 – JORAH – TWICE EXILED

  1. Hi. Love the podcast. You’ve really helped me shift my initially pessimistic interpretation of the main theme of the series, that life will hand you a few small victories then grind you up regardless of your virtues, vices, and skills- to one where a character’s fate is typically determined by their alliances, loosely defined as the quality of a character’s relationship with others and whether those relationships are healthy and constructive. In other words, what really matters isn’t just your characteristics but who you associate with and the sincerity and virtues of those relationships.

    One minor thing, do you pronounce Barristan more like Arristan? Or am I confused?

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  2. Hey. In this episode you mentioned an article that discusses the theory that Tormund Giantsbane and Maege Mormont might have met. I tried looking for it but was unable to find it, are you able to provide a link?

    Also wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcast and that it helps with the more tedious parts of my day.


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