Lady Gwyn and yolkboy analyze Robert Baratheon and Robert’s Rebellion with special guest SomethingLikeaLawyer from the Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire blog. We begin with a close look at Robert’s background and the political context of the rebellion, followed by an in depth examination of the players and battles of the war that changed the face of Westeros. We wrap things up with an assessment of Robert’s reign, and our usual readings and two PSAs from Westeros round out the episode.

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  2. Outstanding work!!!! Bobby B is my favorite character in ASOIAF largely because young Robert is one of the few characters that would be a great guy to hang out with but also because he’s a very relatable character. I always viewed Robert as a man that has amazing qualities but wasn’t mentally strong enough to fight off his many vices. I really enjoyed the fact that this episode emphasized Robert’s ability to inspire love and admiration in others. There’s more than enough material on his faults and it’s great to see someone highlighting his many strengths.

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  3. Great episode guys! I misread the title when first reading it, thinking it was “Daemon of the Trident”. When you starting talking about the Baratheons being a bastard line I expected a lot of Blackfyre comparisons. Have you guys noticed any similarities between the two main Targaryen bastard lines?One with several failed rebellions the other being successful.

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  4. I loved this episode! Robert was never a character I liked very much, most people talked about how ill-suited he was to be a ruled with scorn and I kind of felt the same way, but you guys really humanized him by talking about how totally isolated he was, and how desperate he was in AGOT for a friend and someone to trust, and how much it must have hurt him to be rebuked and criticized. I actually cried during this episode, and it’s a testament to Radio Westeros’s storytelling abilities. Thank you!

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