Lady Gwyn and yolkboy wrap up their two part analysis of Robb Stark, picking up with King Robb’s war in the Riverlands and the events that led to his heading back to the North via the Twins. A complete analysis of the Red Wedding and Robb’s legacy, along with a look at some theories from the fandom, and an advert from Westeros wrap up the episode.

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One response to “EPISODE 30 – ROBB, Part 2 – KING IN THE NORTH

  1. Loved this 2-part ep! You two do an incredible job on research, writing and production. Looking forward to more!

    What’s next on your schedule? A 3-parter on Tyrion Lannister? A deep dive into Sam Tarly? The Tyrells? The Martells (particularly Doran’s and Oberyn’s plans)? Possibly Jon Arryn and the fate of the Vale? What will happen to Storm’s End with no Baratheon’s left (beyond Gendry and Edric Storm)? The Daynes?

    Hard to believe that with all the great work you’ve put together that there’s still so much yet to explore!

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