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Lady Gwyn begins a series analyzing the Tales of Dunk & Egg with an exploration of The Hedge Knight, including literary analysis of major themes, metatextual commentary and theories from the fandom.



4 responses to “EPISODE 42 — THE HEDGE KNIGHT

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the content. Your efforts are appreciated.

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  2. This was one of my absolute favorite RW episodes ever!!! Lady Gwyn absolutely killed it, and though I of course missed hearing Yolkboy’s always-insightful commentary, the content of Ep 42 – “The Hedge Knight” was SO amazing that it really made me think about a lot of stuff I hadn’t pondered before (and I’ve read this story countless times already)! Lady Gwyn, I want to thank you ever so much for this epic masterpiece and all I can ask is that you hurry up and post the next Dunk and Egg episode ASAP (PLEASE)!!!!

    -Eric R. Ellis R.T.(R)


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